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Your Entire Well-Being Is Related to the Health of Your Mouth!

Did you know that the health of your entire body is affected by the health of your teeth and gums?  It’s true! Gum disease has been identified as a major contributing factor to many serious illnesses, such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

When you visit us for your dental examination, Dr. Alissa Khartchenko or Dr. Diane Escaravage will review the proper oral care techniques with you. Proper home care is an essential part of your periodontal care.

Periowave™— Non-Surgical Laser Periodontal Treatment

Our office uses Periowave™ Laser disinfection to treat active pockets. Periowave™ Laser gum treatment is a therapy that can reduce or eliminate the need for traditional pocket reduction surgery. With regular dental treatment and a consistent effort on your part, the progression of gum disease can be stopped, and further tissue destruction can be prevented.

What is Laser Dentistry?

We believe that prevention is better than the cure. For example, periodontal disease or gum disease is a common dental problem that is easy to avoid. By using Lasers to treat Periodontitis (Gum Disease), we can use them to be as minimally invasive as possible. By using the laser to remove debris and bacteria from between your gums, we can be gentle on your teeth and gum tissue as possible which promotes healing from the Periodontitis. Our Hygienists have taken many continuing education courses in the use of lasers for the treatment of Periodontal Disease.

Kingsland Family Dental Care | SW Calgary Periodontal Care DentistryDeep Pocket Therapy

Lasers can now be used for what is called ‘Deep Pocket Therapy”. This is a condition where bacteria is growing deep at the root of your tooth right inside the bottom of the gum. Inside this deep pocket, your gum tissue is inflamed from the attacking bacteria and surgery would be a traditional option to treat the infected area. Now using Lasers, Dr. Khartchenko can use a minimally invasive procedure to remove the bacteria while being as minimally invasive as possible. By using a special attachment, he is able to get the laser right to the root of the problem!

What is Periodontal Care?

Prevention is the key to your family’s overall oral health and wellness. At Kingsland Family Dental Care, we offer SW Calgary Periodontal Care to protect the health of your gums.

Periodontal Care includes regular visits at our SW Calgary Dental Office in conjunction with diligent home care. Dr. Alissa Khartchenko and Dr. Diane Escaravage and the Kingsland Family Dental Care Team provide every patient with detailed instruction on how to brush and flossing at home. Our in-office dental examinations check for concerns in your mouth, such as gum disease, cavities, and oral cancer screening.

When you visit Kingsland Family Dental Care on a regular basis, we can detect problems while they are in their initial stages when it’s less involved and more economical to fix.

To learn more about Periowave™ Laser and periodontal care, please contact us at (403) 255-1591 to schedule your visit with Dr. Alissa Khartchenko or Dr. Diane Escaravage!

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