At Kingsland Family Dental, we feel that comfortable childhood experiences in the dental office are paramount to establishing a life long pattern of good oral health maintenance. To help alleviate any dental anxieties or apprehensions, we strive to make the childhood patient experience as pain free and simple as possible. We feel that the best way to accomplish this is to make every dental visit fun!

We recommend an initial dental visit when the first teeth begin to erupt around the age of one. The primary purpose of these visits during these early years allows us not only to deal with any issues while they are relatively small, but also to establish a relationship with you and your child. With a foundation of trust in place, more involved procedures in the future will create much less anxiety for both you and your child.

Please feel free to enjoy these interactive movies with your child.
They’re a great way to educate kids about the importance of their dental health!

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Kingsland Dental Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are you accepting new patients?

A) Yes we are ALWAYS accepting new patients. Simply call us to book your appointment today. Or use our handy online appointment request form!

Q) I have a dental emergency – what should I do?

A) If you are experiencing a dental emergency, do not hesitate to call our main office number at (403) 255-1591 to get the dentist on-call information.

Q) Do you direct bill insurance?

A) Yes, we offer direct billing to your insurance.

Q) Do you do Invisalign?

A) Yes we do! Please visit our Invisalign page for more information.

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